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Laser dentistry allows dentists to treat a child’s teeth without the need for drills or shots. This pain-free option also provides more precise results, allowing for better tissue preservation. Dr. Nolan Gerlach uses the Biolase dental laser to perform laser dentistry procedures at Bellevue Pediatric Dentistry. This technique is appropriate for the treatment of problems in any part of the mouth. To make an appointment with Dr. Gerlach, please call the office in Bellevue, Washington, today.

Laser Dentistry Q & A

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is an approach to dentistry that uses laser technology to complete a variety of procedures. Bellevue Pediatric Dentistry uses the Biolase dental laser, an advanced laser that’s changing dentistry in many ways.
At Bellevue Pediatric Dentistry, we call our laser the “Purple Popper.” We chose this name because our laser is custom painted in UW Husky purple, and it makes a popping sound while it’s in use.



What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Using laser dentistry to treat common dental problems offers several potential benefits for children, including:

  • Little to no anesthesia: In many cases, Dr. Gerlach can use laser dentistry to perform procedures without giving your child a shot.
  • Little to no drilling: Dr. Gerlach can often use the laser to complete procedures without the help of the drill.
  • Less anxiety: Because the child doesn’t need to worry about extensive drilling or shots, they’re less likely to feel anxious during treatment.
  • Fewer visits: Dr. Gerlach can use the Biolase laser to perform treatments in multiple parts of the mouth during a single appointment. This limits the number of visits required to complete the child’s treatment.
  • Sterile filling preparation: When Dr. Gerlach uses the laser to prepare a cavity area for a filling, the laser energy destroys the bacteria in the area


What does laser dentistry feel like?

When being treated with the Biolase laser, children may feel some slight tingling. However, many children say they don’t feel anything at all.

Before beginning laser dentistry treatment, always we introduce children to the laser and show them how it works. This helps to alleviate the child’s anxiety by letting them know what to expect.

Is laser dentistry safe?

Laser dentistry is a safe option for children. It offers greater precision, less pain, and many other benefits that make it an excellent child-friendly choice.

When is laser dentistry appropriate?

Not all children will be good candidates for laser dentistry. In some cases, more extensive work may be necessary to solve the child’s problems. Dr. Gerlach can determine whether laser dentistry is the right approach after examining your child.