Laser Dentistry

What is a dental laser?

Our Biolase dental laser is the state-of-the-art technology that is changing dentistry in many ways. We can now complete many procedures without using the things that cause so many people to have dental fears; shots and the drill. Using the laser to remove the cavity bugs can often be done with little or no local anesthesia (shots) and little or no drilling.

How would it benefit your child?

We call our laser our “Purple Popper”. Purple because it is custom painted in UW Husky purple and “Popper” because it makes a popping noise as we work. By introducing the child to the laser and showing how it makes popping noises and sprays a little water, we are able to provide a comfortable experience for the child. They may feel a little tingling during the procedure and often times they report feeling nothing at all.

What is good about laser dentistry when treating decay?

Along with the benefits discussed already (no shots, no pain, and drilling) the laser allows us to perform treatment in any area of the mouth in a single appointment. This reduces the number of visits that are required to get the treatment done, saving your child from missing school and you from missing work. Using the laser to remove decay also sterilizes the cavity preparation area by using the laser energy to destroy the bacteria that cause the cavities.