Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays – 99% less radiation

At Bellevue Pediatric Dentistry we understand that one of the most important parts of pre-assessment for any dental procedure is getting a dental x-ray to reliably diagnose cavities and other areas of concern. By providing digital x-rays, we offer our patients all the benefits of a dental x-ray, but without the massive amounts of radiation that is usually associated with it.

How are x-rays taken on children?

Younger children are placed in their parent’s lap, while older children can sit by themselves on the chair in the x-ray unit. Although the digital x-rays have a lot less scatter radiation, everyone in the x-ray room is protected through the use of lead aprons. We also use smaller, softer x-rays to make the process easier for little ones to get their x-rays taken. All the child has to do is bite on a bite stick that has the x-ray on it and hold still for a couple of seconds. The parent or the x-ray technician can also help by holding the bite stick in place.

Why do we need dental x-rays?

While visual inspection with an explorer (dental tool) can identify surface decay, digital x-rays are the only way to detect inter-proximal cavities, or cavities in between the teeth. Also, x-rays can tell pediatric dentists how much the decay has spread within the tooth and if the tooth needs a root canal or a simple filling.